Why The New MacBook is Already the Best product of 2019

New Macbook 2019
Apple enthusiasts have been stricken hard since Steve Jobs passed away. The company seems to regurgitate on their existing products without a clear idea of what to do with them. A couple of missteps on their line of laptops rendered one of their most popular products, the MacBook Air into an incredibly modern device equipped with retina-technology. The problem was that it also came with one of the worst keyboards ever placed on a laptop ever as well as the total removal of any USB ports and an insane price tag on a machine that took away functionality points instead of adding them. Now in 2018 the company seems to be fed up with the terrible feedback it received for this product, and it’s essentially re-launching their whole line with two brand new products: The Retina MacBook Air and a brand new Mac Mini.

Apple: Going Back and Forth with Updates That Didn’t Work
The technology is not exactly new. The retina tech was first equipped in the iPhone 4 and the iPad model of 2012. While the tech affected the cost of these products, they still turned a profit since they had already an established reputation with their users who are known to be one of the most devoted and ardent among tech enthusiasts in the world. The MacBook Pro with Retina technology, however, proved to be too expensive even for the most dedicated fans. The MacBook Air that was offered as the less pricey model turned out to be winning underdog of that race. The laptop reached a huge status as one of the most user-friendly computer devices ever offered by the company given its size and price tag. When Apple announced the updated version of the product in 2015, users became disgruntled, to say the least.

Time to Rethink and Retool
Three years had to go by, with Apple surviving on new releases of iPhone products until they completely reworked the MacBook line and we are getting these products in the upcoming 2019. The first announcement and the most expected one is the full retooling of the MacBook Air. The company essentially took the main features of the last model of the MacBook Pro and fitted them inside a MacBook Air encasing. The new laptop has state of the art retina screen tech and touch-ID features. The laptop also reintroduces USB ports as well as modern versions of Intel processors running on 16GB of RAM with an updated design of the keyboard to make it fully functional again. The tag price it’s on the rank of the $1,200. There will still be a basic model with non-retina tech that will go for $1,000 or less.

Mac Mini: A Way to go Back to Basics
The other product that got a complete facelift is the Mac Mini. Many users still regard the first Mini that debuted in 2012 one of the most solid alternatives to a desktop PC. It was affordable, with a solid build, and it had an excellent performance ratio. Apple updated the device in 2014, and the move foreshadowed what would happen with the MacBook line since the company turned something that worked great into a mess that lacked a lot of the things that made it good in the first place. Now in 2018 the brand new Mac mini comes equipped with updated tech akin to the features that made the first model so wildly successful: a Quad-Core version of the latest Intel Processor, 2TB of built-in storage running up and the ability to stand up to 64GB of RAM. With these announcements, Apple seems to be listening to their customers. Unwise heads will think the company has nothing new to offer, but rethink a strategy based on the desires of the customer has never hurt anybody in the past. The future of Apple remains to be written.