Why The New MacBook is Already the Best product of 2019

New Macbook 2019
Apple enthusiasts have been stricken hard since Steve Jobs passed away. The company seems to regurgitate on their existing products without a clear idea of what to do with them. A couple of missteps on their line of laptops rendered one of their most popular products, the MacBook Air into an incredibly modern device equipped with retina-technology. The problem was that it also came with one of the worst keyboards ever placed on a laptop ever as well as the total removal of any USB ports and an Continue reading “Why The New MacBook is Already the Best product of 2019”

Top 15 Hacking Tools Every Hacker Should Have in Their Collection

Best Hacking Tools Collection
What comes to mind when you hear the word “hacker?” For most people, it is probably a picture of some nefarious person in a dark room stealing your sensitive information. While all hackers do not have righteous intentions, the hacking landscape has changed completely in the last several years.

Companies and organizations now employ hackers to conduct what are called penetration tests to see where their digital data may be vulnerable. Any hacker worth their salt already has some tricks up their sleeve, but there are some useful new tools out there, too. Check out our list of the top 15 tools every hacker needs to maximize their success.

  1. John the Ripper

John the RipperThis is infamous as one of the most frequently used and effective password crackers on the market. Conversely, it is also known as one of the best tools to test the strength of your own passwords, as well as the strength and safety of your operating system, even remotely.

One of the most appealing features of John the Ripper is that it has been built with the ability to auto-detect any type of encryption used in any password. It changes its algorithm according to the password it is testing, making it the most intelligent and intuitive password cracking technology available.

If that weren’t enough, John the Ripper is also available across almost all platforms, including Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

John the Ripper is dubbed as an “ethical hacking tool,” but unabashedly uses brute force to reach its goal of deciphering algorithms and passwords, such as:

  • Hash LM (Lan Manager), the system used in Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003
  • DES, MD5, Blowfish
  • MD4, LDAP, MySQL (using third-party modules)
  • Kerberos AFS
  1. InstaRipper

InstaRipperIt was developed with the prolific Instagrammer in mind. If you have been locked out of your Instagram account, InstaRipper is here to help you not only recover your password, but your Continue reading “Top 15 Hacking Tools Every Hacker Should Have in Their Collection”

A Life-Changing Experience for Visually Impaired with Envision AI App

Smartphones are a necessity today; they are useful as well as equally powerful as the computers. Most of us take the smartphones for granted and only use them for watching movies or for playing games, but for some people like the visually impaired they can prove to be quite helpful. Smartphones can support the visually-handicapped people all throughout the day with the help of the various Android apps, the latest one being the Envision AI. This is an app especially designed for Continue reading “A Life-Changing Experience for Visually Impaired with Envision AI App”

Agenda – Note saving app that can replace multiple apps

Agenda iOS AppNotes are a necessity irrespective of the profession you are in or the age group you belong to. It is not possible to memorize everything, which is why taking notes becomes important for several reasons. Whether it is the contact details of someone, phone numbers or recipe of your favorite dish; taking down notes is the best thing to do. Also it is not possible to carry a pen and paper everywhere; This is when smartphone apps come to the rescue. Agenda is a notes taking IOS app which Continue reading “Agenda – Note saving app that can replace multiple apps”

Changes and innovations within the world of Virtual and augmented reality

The universe of Virtual and augmented reality can be seen fluctuating and transforming on a positive scale, exceptionally fast! In fact so fast, that we have now started to predict its future every now and then! The thought leaders and innovators are working their nights out, experimenting with life, technology, space and everything that they could manage and integrate all together into one. Definitely, AR and VR have taken over the world significantly, but there is still a Continue reading “Changes and innovations within the world of Virtual and augmented reality”