Blog Compass – Android app for aspiring bloggers

Blog Compass AppBlogs are a great medium of sharing viewpoints and opinions with the world. These days a lot of people have taken blogging as a profession, as it helps them in sharing their voice. Seeing the increasing number of bloggers, Google has just recently launched a latest app for the Indian bloggers called Blog Compass. This app has been launched to serve an Indian bloggers and can be downloaded from the Google play store. It has recently been launched but is a great gift by Google for the aspiring bloggers in India.

It is like a first step towards blogging for all those who aren’t aware of how blogging works. Blogging is an emerging profession in India, so through this app a lot of new and aspiring bloggers can test their blogging skills. So blog compass is like a must have app if you are a blogger or are aspiring to be one. The app comes with a lot of features which in a way are essential for all the bloggers.


Home – The home page of the blog compass app consists of the highlights of the other pages that are there in the app. It also has a graph that shows the number of views that the website has got, along with the topics that are trending. The homepage of blog compass is a great sight in itself.
Activities- The new blogger app also has an activity page, which includes the traffic source, the search queries and the top posts. All this information can be checked for atleast a week, a month or almost for a year.
Topics – So this specific feature of blog compass is like a cherry on the cake for the bloggers as it gives suggestions of topics that one can write about. There are three categories in this; one is your picks category, then there is the trending topics list and at the end there are for you topics which are based on your writing style.
Badges – On reaching a milestone on blog compass, the app provides you with badges. These badges are either bronze or silver and they can be shared on the social media sites. The badges are given only after reaching a certain number of page views, unique visitors and certain number of posts.
Comments – The application gives the option of viewing the comments both pending and the approved ones separately.
Posts – The posts that are written by the blogger can be viewed in a number of ways; there are posts by date, the posts by the number of views and the posts by title. Every post has number of views under it along with the comments.

Blog compass is not quite old but it has still managed to garner the attention of bloggers, it is compatible with all android devices. It is in a beta state as Google is planning to add some more useful features to it, overall it is quite an useful app.