A Life-Changing Experience for Visually Impaired with Envision AI App

Smartphones are a necessity today; they are useful as well as equally powerful as the computers. Most of us take the smartphones for granted and only use them for watching movies or for playing games, but for some people like the visually impaired they can prove to be quite helpful. Smartphones can support the visually-handicapped people all throughout the day with the help of the various Android apps, the latest one being the Envision AI. This is an app especially designed for visually impaired that uses Artificial Intelligence for understanding and recognising things and people that are around.

Envision AI for Android

The Envision AI has recently been launched on Android, earlier it was made available on IOS but unlike the IOS envision app the android one is cost-free atleast for now. With the help of Envision AI the visually impaired can do a lot of things on their own like; they can shop in supermarkets, recognise people around them, find their belongings and also use public transport.

It teaches the visually impaired to live their lives independently, which they are unable to do. Imagine a life where you cannot see or touch anything, well it is something that is hard to even imagine, Envision AI makes it easy for the visually impaired to live and sense things without being dependent on anyone. It can describe the scenes in a very easy way, which helps the impaired people to live their life normally.

Envision-AI Apk

What can Envision AI do?

Reading tool
Envision AI has text recognitions tools that lets one read any kind of text in over 60 languages. It is designed in such a way that it provides an accurate as well as fastest way of reading. With the reading tools one can easily do the following things:
• Read short texts such as price labels, visiting cards and street signs.
• It lets the visually impaired read notes on greeting cards.
• Reading tool can also be used to read long documents all at once.

Recognition of faces and objects
The Envision AI has general recognition option that has a number of visual recognition tools which help in:
• Describing sense of what is around you or of the images that are around you.
• It helps in the recognition of more than 900 colours which is quite handy.
• It lets one scan products and recognises them.
• It has teach envision option that helps in recognising faces and objects.

Envision AI is great as its name suggests, it helps people in recognizing things that are around, it can teach people the faces and also helps in understanding the scenes that are happening around. It’s an exceptional app as it lets the visually impaired read and learn like normal people, it is definitely a life-changing tool.

To get it for yourself, visit its Google Play Store page.

In case you know someone who is visually impaired then this app can prove to be a life-changer for them, it is still under development but it is still quite helpful.